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 (312) 752-0132-Cell

Unavailable May 11-16; August 17-24;

and September 26-29, 2019




     Check or cash left in home prior to your departure.  Checks will be cashed midway thru the time scheduled

     Bank electronic payment sent to payment@thecatlady.net or 312-752-0132

      Venmo or ApplePay to 312-752-0132

     If paying via PayPal there is a 4% service fee


$20 - per visit - 2 cats

Your cats' care starts and ends with personalized, loving care from The Cat Lady.  At each visit I will wash all dishes before providing fresh water and food per your instructions.  No matter how many litter boxes your cat has, each one will be scooped each time I am there.  Cat waste will not be left in the house; it will be disposed of in the trash outside the home.  If I see an "accident" it, too, will be cleaned.  Medication, if needed will be given as directed by you.  Kitty willing, I'll brush them for as long as they will let me.  And there's always time to play with their favorite toys!   Leave me the key and box number and I'll pick up your mail.  Any packages left will be taken in each time I am at your home.  My rates are comparable to boarding facilities, and your cat gets to stay home, where they are most comfortable.  Less stress for everyone.  No less than daily visits will be done for the safety and well being of your cat and home.

Services & Rates 

Payment Options

$22 - per visit - 3 cats

$18 - per visit - 1 cat

Each cat per household over 3 is an additional $2.00 per visit