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I've been cat-owned for over 40 years.  Caring exclusively for cats has always been my passion.  When I started, 28 years ago, everyone thought I was crazy to limit my pet care to cats.  I stuck to my original plan and am happy I did.  I have a better understanding of cats and their individual personalities.  I know when they want attention and when to leave them alone.  There are subtle signs each cat displays. While I don't have a medical background, I have alerted my clients of unusual behavior that resulted in a visit to their vet.  That's what happens when you get to know a cats' behavior. 

As a cat sitter, I notice oddities you may not, because I don't see your cat on a daily basis.  Cats hide their problems well.  A new set of eyes can be helpful.  So rest assured, I will treat your cat like I do my own.  And believe me, my cat is spoiled rotten!  So don't let just anyone care for your furry family member, entrust them to The Cat Lady.   Read about me in the Review Journal.

Getting to know you and your cat is important, which is why I always come to meet everyone prior to my caring for your cat the first time.  If you would like references prior to my arrival, just ask and I will happily provide them. 

There are forms that need to be completed and it would be helpful if you had them filled out prior to my arrival.  Please choose the appropriate packet from the forms below.
When I arrive at your home, we will go over those details, and I will answer any questions you have.   I will also ask to be shown where things are:  food, litter box, trash, cleaning supplies, alarm pad, etc.  I will take copious notes so I don't forget anything.  I will also want to meet your cat (or cats) so I know what they look like and so they can check me out.  Then we're done!  This should take about 30 minutes.

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