My goal is to have your cat cared for in the comfort of their own home, a familiar place, with a professional  pet sitter. 

My service area is relatively small, please call to find out if your household is in my service area. ​

About Me

Proudly serving Summerlin & Southwest Vegas as a 21-year professional cat sitter offering in-home cat sitting. 

Caring for your cat is my sole focus. The Cat Lady, LLC is licensed, insured, bakcground checked and bonded.  References furnished upon request.


Finding the right pet sitter is an important decision. Have ease of mind with a proud member of:
*Pet Sitters Associates, LLC 
* Pet Sitters International

I can also be found on the National Pet Sitter Directory. 

21-years of Experienced Cat Care from an Insured, Licensed & Bonded Professional Cat sitter

Outside My Service Area

If your household is outside my service area, please contact me. I'll gladly recommend you to cat sitter that serves your area.

Service Area

Why A Pet Sitter?

When you go away it's important that your furry family member is cared for. The Cat Lady, LLC is a perfect alternative to a boarding facility or pet hotel. 

Staying near other animals, especially dogs, can cause unneeded stress to a

Service Area

Within 8 miles of Russell Road and Hualapai Way

 (702) 625-0182-Office

 (312) 752-0132-Cell

Service Area Zip Codes

Currently serving all or part of the following zip code: 89117, 89135, 89138, 89147 and 89148.

My primary focus is around Summerlin, Southwest Las Vegas, and Spring Valley, Nevada in zip codes 89117, 89135, 89138, 89147 and 89148.  I serve adjacent communities too, so please call or send me a message to determine whether you're in my service area. 

In-Home Cat Care 

Summerlin & Southwest Las Vegas Professional In-Home Cat Sitting